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We're pleased you've chosen SBC's webhosting.com for your Web hosting needs! We have all the resources you'll need to succeed online. To inquire about getting your own Web site, call us at 1-888-WEB-HOST (932-4678)

The Process is Simple

  • To create your site, replace this default page (index.html) in your FTP directory with your own personalized content.
  • Carefully read and save your activation email which instructs you on all the basics of using and setting up your account.
  • Direct any questions concerning the setup of your account to our 24-hour tech support service at 1-888-WEB-HOST (932-4678)
webhosting.com's Additional Services
  • UNIX Hosting or Windows 2000 Hosting Get your reliable Web site here.
  • E-Commerce Hosting - Turn shoppers into buyers by creating a Web site storefront affordably!
  • Act now and get 2 months of FREE service Sign up for an annual UNIX hosting, Windows 2000 Hosting or E-Commerce Hosting Web Site 2 months of free service!
  • Choose from a variety of different domain extensions. Or simply point multiple domains to your Web site to increase visibility.
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